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March 2019

Tom Price Screening Event

By Screening Events

Screening team of Colin Beauchamp, Rob Fitzpatrick, Phil Chinnery and Paul Ripley worked hard today to screen 98 Tom Price residents.
This is after the team with June Walker in place of Rob screening 166 people at Newman over the weekend.

Great results in both towns, with many potential lives saved by early discovery of possibly life threatening lesions, which are subject to confirmation once checked by GP’s or cancer specialists.
Pictures below show the coach setup, the extra lengths we go to so young mothers can be screened, and the outlook from Mt Nameless over Tom Price that Rob drove us to in his brand new Landcruiser.

We discovered a cairn up there installed many years ago by the then Tom Price Lions to mark the highest point able to be driven to in WA!

Big Day Out for Kids

By Social Events

Santa arrived with a big “Ho Ho Ho “ this year to spend time with the kids, their families and the wonderful Carers, to celebrate the Big Day Out for disadvantaged children. The Lions Cancer Institute (WA) Inc. proudly offers this event each year and together with volunteers from the Institute who assisted Santa, he shared gifts with every child who attended. Free ice creams and lollies were provided for their enjoyment as they settled into their seats to enjoy the free preview of the movie “ Elliot the Littlest Reindeer “

The Theatre in South Perth was again the venue and the coaches with their special cargo arrived with excited kids anticipating meeting Santa and smiling for the camera.
Thanks to the theatre staff who were most generous with their time and help on the day.

This annual event is proudly supported by the WA business community and we express our most grateful thanks for their donations.