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Saving Lives
in your Community
Through Screening
and Research.


Saving Lives
in your Community
Through Screening
and Research.

Our Patrons

Prof. George Yeoh
Bsc, pHd. President WA Cancer Council

Our First Patron

It is an honour to be appointed Patron of the Lions Cancer Institute for many reasons. It is an organisation that serves the community; and especially its rural and remote members who have poorer outcomes as a result of cancer. It is distinguished by having a large body of dedicated and highly qualified volunteers who make a difference to cancer patients, and particularly those with skin cancer. The war against this dreaded disease must be waged on many fronts. These include acquisition of knowledge of the enemy to exploit its weakness through research; adopting lifestyle practices that reduce its incidence through education and advocacy and improving diagnosis by increased surveillance and precision in detection. The Lions Cancer Institute is working on all these fronts by providing resources to support activities that underpin these strategies.

Fortunately, Australians derive enormous benefit from an excellent health system; however, as our population ages, the burden of cancer will increase proportionately. Thus numerically, the “enemy” will be more and more substantial. Today, more than a million Australians are cancer survivors. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the anti-cancer organisations that take up the call to fight this disease. The Lions Cancer Institute is a proud member of this group that will collectively confront escalating challenges into the future. I salute the volunteers of this organisation for all their contributions past and outcomes achieved. I thank you for the opportunity to join you for the journey we will take together in the future.

Kim Beazley, AC
Governor of Western Australia

Our Second Patron

The Lions Cancer Institute provides, voluntarily, a much needed support to available health services throughout Western Australia. In recent years this support has extended to South Australia, Victoria and New Zealand, and with the support of Lions, has now become a National Project.

In addition to providing funding to PhD students in cancer studies from universities in Western Australia, the Institute has, since 1990, conducted free skin cancer screenings as a service to the public. This is done with the generous voluntary assistance of a number of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, doctors, nurses and Lions Members, all of whom provide their services free to the Institute.

The majority of these screenings are conducted in country areas where such services are few, or non-existent. This is a service that has proven to save lives in our communities and will continue to do so with our support.

Our History

The Lions Cancer Institute Inc. is a project of the Lions Clubs of Western Australia and was formed in 1989. Incorporated in 1990 it became affiliated with the University of Western Australia in 1994 and in 1996 in association with The Cancer Research Institute formed the Centre for Applied Cancer Studies at the University of Western Australia.
The Lions Cancer Institute laboratories were initially located in the Infectious Diseases Transportable located off Moore Street Perth WA.
The Institute later moved to the Medical Research Foundation building at 50 Murray Street Perth on completion of the building then to Park Lane, part of the original University of Western Australia campus…

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Skin Damage

Skin damage can not be reversed: only further damage can be prevented.

Melanoma lesions

They can be any colour, Red, White, Blue, Grey or a combination of colours and most start flat.

There is no age limit

The life time risk factors for 20-40 year old in Australia is 1 in 18.

We rely on your helpgenerosity to keep our Mobile Free Screening on the roads.

On a regular basis or as a one-off, your donation will help us saving lives in your community through screening and research.

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