Saving Lives
in your Community
Through Screening
and Research.


Saving Lives
in your Community
Through Screening
and Research.

Skin Cancer Screenings

The Screening roster is a dynamic document and is updated in response to screening requests. If your club or location has not had a Free Screening for some time, submit a request for screening. Your request will be considered, with regard to time since the last screening in your location and seasonal considerations.

The Lions Cancer Institute’s Screening Program is conducted entirely by volunteers and funded by the generosity of Lions Clubs, sponsorship from business and donations from the public. With current resources we can plan for 40 screening days in any 12-month period.

Request a booking

If you would like to organise a Free Skin Cancer Screening event in your town, or suburb, please complete the form on the right and a member from Lions Cancer Institute Inc. will contact you shortly to finalise and organise the Skin Cancer Screening event with you, or your Lions Club.

2018 Roster

The Screening Roster as at 18 August 2018. Please be aware that changes may be made to the roster from time to time as circumstances dictate. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Date Location Contact No
18/08/2018 Millbridge LC. 97971685
19/08/2018 Donnybrook LC 0403 254 703
1/09/2018 Bridgetown LC 0429 882 797
15/09/2018 Tambellup LC 9825 3046
16/09/2018 Gnowangerup CRC 9827 1635
6/10/2018 Quairading Show TBA
21/10/2018 Pinjarra Lions Club TBA
19/11/2018 MWA Cottesloe Walk Up
20/11/2018 MWA Cottesloe Walk Up
21/11/2018 MWA Cottesloe Walk Up
22/11/2018 MWA Cottesloe Walk Up
23/11/2018 MWA Cottesloe Walk Up

Skin Damage

Skin damage can not be reversed: only further damage can be prevented.

Melanoma lesions

They can be any colour, Red, White, Blue, Grey or a combination of colours and most start flat.

There is no age limit

The life time risk factors for 20-40 year old in Australia is 1 in 18.

We rely on your helpgenerosity to keep our Mobile Free Screening on the roads.

On a regular basis or as a one-off, your donation will help us saving lives in your community through screening and research.